Digital X-rays to Assist Diagnosis

Digital X-rays to assist diagnosis

Digital X-rays to Assist Dental Diagnosis

X-rays are an essential part of the dental treatment plan. They help diagnose and prevent a potential dental issue from becoming a major dental problem.

Digital x-rays are an advanced form of the conventional x-rays. Convenient to operate, digital x-rays can take periapical, bitewing, panoramic and occlusal x-rays faster and with ease. Also unlike the conventional x-ray, digital x-rays emit less radiation.

At Keysborough Dental Surgery, we use the state of the art digital x-rays. This enables us to take high resolution images of the teeth and the jaws, allowing the dentist to zoom in the images, multifold. By doing so, the dentist get a vivid picture of existing and potential oral issues of our patients, early on.

Digital X-rays also help our dentist detect the status of developing teeth, examine the tooth roots, jaw bones thereby allowing him to determine any potential oral care issues.

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