Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction procedure

Tooth extraction is the procedure of pulling out a tooth or a set of teeth. The reasons for tooth extraction could be the crowded positioning of teeth, a dental infection, tooth decay or a risk of gum disease. Be it the removal of wisdom teeth, extra teeth, baby teeth (to make space for protruding adult teeth), loose teeth, or for purposes of effective radiation related to treatment towards serious life-threatening diseases) tooth extraction is a helpful procedure and much in demand.

What to expect from tooth extraction?

Our dentist takes an X-ray of the area to plan the best way around tooth removal. The X-ray helps our dentist study the relation of the (to be extracted) tooth with its surrounding teeth, nerves, and bones.

The dentist then induces local anesthesia by an injection in the gums of the affected tooth. This prevents the pain in the body while the tooth is extracted. If the tooth is hard to pull, the dentist may break the tooth down in pieces.

Tooth extraction procedure need not be painful and is carried out only when it is a must. Our dentist also provides options to replace the extracted adult tooth.