Scale and clean

Scale and Clean

Scale and Clean - A vital preventive care for healthy teeth

Scale and clean is a professional dental cleaning process which helps remove plaque and tartar deposits which have built up on your teeth over time. Tartar or calculus is composed of bacteria, the accumulation of these bacteria near the gums causes tooth decay and/or gum disease. A scale and clean leaves your teeth feeling smooth and shiny.

Why is scaling and cleaning treatment necessary?

Plaque, calculus, and stains develop and grow around your teeth every day. And with teeth of different shapes and varying fissures, food particles and drink stains get stuck in grooves easily. While regular brushing and flossing do help you get rid of most of the food residue, missing out on some hard to reach spots causes a slow decomposition of the food by the bacteria present in your saliva.

The bacteria in your saliva decompose the food and release acids. These acids slowly corrode the protective tooth enamel thereby causing periodontal diseases like sore and bleeding gums, sensitive teeth and tooth decay. A professional scaling and cleaning treatment is sure to keep these dental issues at bay.

3 Simple steps involved in Scaling and cleaning procedure

Crack: Our dentists use an electric scaler to crack the toughest calculus (plaque built over time) and remove it. Together, the electric scaler and jet spray of water soften the calculus and clean away the debris lodged between the teeth.

Clean: We then use a manual scaler to clean the plaque situated in awkward positions between the teeth.

Polish: Scrubbing and polishing your teeth is the last step towards this procedure. This step protects your teeth from further decay.

How often do I need a scale and clean? It depends on:

  • How thoroughly you brush and floss each day.
  • How fast you teeth tend to accumulate calculus.
  • Your food and drink habits.
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