Preventive Treatment

Scale and Clean

Family friendly preventive treatment that works for you

Keysborough Dental Surgery offers advanced preventive dental treatment

Keysborough Dental Surgery offers professional preventive dental care. Maintain your oral hygiene and get timely intervention on preventive dental treatment.

Scale and clean

Scaling and cleaning of teeth is a procedure to remove plaque and tartar formed on your teeth over time. Tartar/plaque is formed when the saliva mixed with food particles is deposited in the teeth. If left unattended the bacteria in the tartar settle in the base of the teeth and cause tooth decay and/or gum disease.

Scale and clean procedures performed by our dentist prevent periodontal diseases like sore and bleeding gums, sensitive teeth etc. Seek our expert scaling and cleaning treatment routinely and wipe off your chances of getting gum pains and tooth corrosion.

Fissure Sealants

The tiny grooves of the molars make it an ideal ground for food to get stuck, thereby giving a breeding ground for bacteria to cultivate and cause rotting of the tooth.

Fissure sealants are plastic coatings that are painted onto the grooves of the back teeth (molars) where tooth decay most often starts. The sealant acts as a protective layer and smoothens the fissures. A good time to apply sealants is as soon as they have fully erupted i.e. around 13 years of age. This helps prevent adult teeth from dental decomposition. It is important to make sure that the sealants are kept intact.


Custom mouthguards are essential for those who participate in contact sports like rugby league, hockey, soccer, and basketball. It provides the best protection to your teeth. It is critical to opt for customised mouthguards which have a superior fit, protect your teeth from accidents and fall and also comfortable to wear.


Nightguards are to prevent bruxism, an extensive clenching/grinding of teeth at night. Surprisingly a common habit in adults, bruxism can lead to severely worn teeth and broken fillings in the mouth, as well as headaches and tightness around the jaw muscle. Do not postpone this preventive care. Order a customised nightguard for your teeth and prevent further damage that could even affect your jaw joints.

It is important to develop a regular dental check up routine. Our dentist at Keysborough Dental Surgery will be able to help you maintain your oral health by assessing and advising you in oral hygiene techniques. We also diagnose any problems with your jaw, teeth, and restorations at an early stage. There are a range of preventive dental products that may be recommended if it is beneficial to your dental condition.